Verdandi Lodge No. 3

A Member of the Independent Order of Svithiod


To unite in bonds of fraternal harmony and benevolent cooperation men and women of Scandinavian birth or nationality, who are not less than sixteen years of age, who are of good moral character, and who are dedicated to promote and preserve the heritage of the Scandinavian people in the United States. The juvenile division of the order shall be from birth until the age of sixteen.

To promote Scandinavian heritage, culture and education.

To promote and preserve the principles, traditions and heritage of the Scandinavians people in the United States. To provide fraternal and social activities for members.

To maintain a Benevolent Assistance Program and also to maintain a Scholarship Fund for its members.

In Svithiodfraternalism is not an empty word…it is our fulltime practice to which immigrants as well as second and third generation Scandinavian lend their time and talents to preserve their ethnic heritage. 

The motto of Svithiod is:


TRUTH is the light that guides us, in our daily life as well as in the lodge and the Order. We should always put into practice the principals of truth.


UNITY Cooperation and a true spirit of comradeship should always characterize our acts. Unity is the bond that lends us power to gain our ends.


CHARITY and love towards our fellow members must not be merely an empty phrase. Charity is the vital principle, and we should always treat the brothers and sisters of our Order with kindness and helpfullness in a manner worth of true fraternalism.