Verdandi Lodge No. 3

A Member of the Independent Order of Svithiod

Posted by on Oct 31, 2017

Olle Eriksson was born in Norrköpng, Sweden and grew up working with his family in the florist business.  As a young man, he worked in Norway, Switzerland, and Denmark for one year each learning the florist trade.

In 1955, Olle came to Chicago, studying at Wright Jr. College and Northwestern University, earning a degree in Business Management.  He got a job working for Borg Flowers, soon taking over the business.

Olle joined Verdandi in 2002, sponsored by Sten Björkling. He was elected Chairman in 2008 and served for three years. Olle has served as a Trustee, as well as Vice-Chairman, filling in each year when the Chairman summered in Sweden. He was elected to the IOS Grand Lodge Board of Directors in 2013, serving a four year term.

Asked what Verdandi can do to attract current members to come to meetings, new members to join, and young people to get involved, Olle says, “Let’s have more outings and interesting field trips, more herring dinners and theme parties. Also, a trip to Sweden could be good motivation.”

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